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A portable, professional, expandable CNC router system.

My design was born from a deep interest in how CNC machines work and how they could evolve and move away from the constraints of the workshop. Having been a heavy power tool user and worked with outside CNC machining companies extensively, I couldn’t understand why people were not already making portable CNC machines.

After some research, I set out my criteria with the aim to make a machine that could live up to and exceed any preconceptions.


Grow is the worlds only portable full size CNC router. Grow fits compactly into its own wheeled travel case. It can be setup by one person and be ready for use in under 2 minuets.


Designed with the professional user in mind with an emphasis on new user groups. Grow is easy and fast to learn. Simplified software, including an iPhone App allows progressive levels of use. Experienced CNC operators   will understand it and new users will pick it up rapidly.

The design incorporates a number of features that make it work efficiently, and a joy to use.

- The floating slave wheel allow the machine to work around obstacles and move smoothly over rough materials

- Magnetic self-locating quick release assembly brackets that accurately align the

machine during setup. whilst allowing you to keep your hands free during assembly

- Always within reach onboard tool storage

- Probing plate and iPhone companion App provide a quick accurate setup away from the keyboard


The machine ‘Grows’ to suit user requirements as they expand. Affordable extended linear guides can be quickly switched and used. Different tool heads and be fitted.

Grow Mini Sitehttp://www.michaelwarrendesign.com/grow