Grow is a unique full sheet portable CNC router system. It allows users to make design changes on the fly, and work with the rapidly changing scenarios of the modern workplace. The patent pending features enable a CNC machine to be quickly assembled on site and packed efficiently for easy transport and storage. Modular and expandable, the design is versatile, yet inherently accurate while cutting full sheets of material. When required, the machine can be attached directly to the work piece and is not limited by the size of the working bed. The machine has a working area larger than any comparable machine on the market, and employs cutting edge mobile technology with its own smartphone App.

Grow: A portable, professional, expandable CNC router system

The design incorporates a number of innovative and patent pending features:

- Modular design that can be expanded through upgrades and accessories.

- Magnetic self-locating quick release assembly brackets that instantly and accurately align the machine during setup.

- No need to calibrate the machine between set ups.

- A floating slave wheel that allows the machine to work around obstacles and move smoothly over rough materials, compensating for imperfections in the work piece.

Existing obstacle and holes can be bridged with scrap material without affecting the Z height.

  1. -Unlimited work piece size.

Technical Features

The massive boom in additive 3D printers is testament to the market acceptance of CAD/CAM, and proves the need. Combining the robust versatility of modern portable power tools and the potential and simplicity of modern CAD programs, Grow’s groundbreaking features will allow new users to enter the realm of CNC machining and existing users to streamline their workflow.


Patent Pending 12172292.0

 Grow CNC

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